Sentinel Paranormal Investigators

Investigators & Researchers into the Paranormal


.SENTINEL PARANORMAL INVESTIGATORS is based in Bury, Greater Manchester, England. We welcome members from all over the world.

95% is the key. 95% of what is found by SENTINEL PI can be explained in a rational - way. The remaining 5% is left to keep Antonia, michaela and Margaret the Founders of SENTINEL PARANORMAL INVESTIGATORS and it's investigating TEAM continually doing both private and public investigations.

The investigations conducted by SENTINEL PARANORMAL INVESTIGATORS are done in a PSYCHIC CLAIRVOYANT and PARA-SCEPTIC way and use a quagmire of video, audio, background research, and electromagnetic testing to determine paranormal claims by both private and public sites.

All Investigations are completely confidential in residential homes, all are carried out in a consistent and professional manner by paranormal investigators/researchers.

We at SPI take our research very seriously, as each Investigation requires a large amount of background research on both the location and on the individuals making claims that paranormal activity has occurred.
Our Founders, Antonia Bowers, Margaret Bowers and Michaela Mahon - along with the investigating SPI Team provide investigations FREE OF CHARGE, and are available to help anyone. If you feel you would like assistance from the SPI, please E-Mail Michaela Mahon or Antonia Bowers direct.

If you know anyone else you think may like to become a member of SPI then please just invite them to join website.

If you want to be an SPI Investigating member then just come along to an SPI meeting and fill in a membership form or use the online PAYPAL facility to pay your annual membership subscription.

Please feel free to Email your paranormal videos, photos or any stories you may have about your paranormal experiences and we will add them to our members experiences area